I figured I would do a breakdown of the cost to raise rabbits based on my notes of how much I have spent so far:




Rabbits (2)


Cages and hutch




Food to this point


Food and new cages


New cage


New hutch


Heated water bowls








Food and new feed things

This comes to a total of $776 dollars and I have harvested 19 lbs of meat. (About $40 per lb) Obviously, the fixed cost of the hutches and equipment ($623) will stay constant over the course of their life. The feed cost has actually been quite low (I use Mannapro Pro formula), as it has only been $153 for the food over the past 9 months. This has raised two breeders and one litter (9 kits). I also did some further math and found that it costs about $4.00 to raise one rabbit from birth to slaughter. That comes to $2.00 a lb. As I continue on this journey of raising rabbits, the outlay should be only for food and minor replacements, so I’m looking forward to this coming out positive (from a money perspective, soon).

Here is an update.