The Great Escape

        The other day I walked outside to give my rabbits their morning feed and water.  As I made my way to the cage with three young rabbits in it, I noticed that there were only two of them.  I counted again (how could I miscount to 2?) to make sure but one was missing.  The cage was locked, so I had no idea what could have happened.  I started wondering what could have happened to the little one.  Did someone let him out?  Did something get in and take him?  Did the other eat him and leave no trace?  As I had these thoughts running through my head, I looked over the yard and didn’t see anything.  I then decided to look under a rhododendron bush near the cages and there was a little white rabbit.  I had no idea how he had gotten out, but was glad that he did not get far, nor get eaten.  I called for my wife and I simply chased him into her hands.  We promptly put him back in his cage, no worse for the wear.  To this day, I still can’t figure out how he got out of the cage.  Luckily, I have not had any similar occurrences, but I still wonder how he got out.