Induction Plate for Maple Syrup Finishing

           One of the things that I bought for the maple syrup was an induction plate.  These are extremely efficient electric heating devices that are most often found on kitchen ranges.  In the past few years, they have created single unit models that can be plugged into a regular outlet.  The key feature of these units is that they provide even heating (no on-off cycles like with an electric range or hot plate) and they only consume 1300 W on the highest setting.  With this unit, I can finish off the maple syrup that comes out of the evaporator in a short amount of time with a great deal of control.  Even running ti for 3 hours only costs about 80 cents (3.9 kWh @ roughly $0.20 per kWh).  I can also do this in my garage as there are no hazards, such as with propane. The unit takes a 10” pot and as long as a magnet will stick to the bottom, it will work.  I have an 18/10 stainless 10 quart stock pot with a steel core, which has worked beautifully on it.  This allows me to do about 2 gallons of almost syrup in it and end up with anywhere from 1-2 gallons after it has boiled down.   I purchased the NuWave 2 from Walmart for $99.  They had it in stock at my local store.  It also came with a skillet, but I have not used that yet. This unit is not just for maple syrup though, as I’ll be using it to assist with canning in the summer.  Not having to have boiling water in the house while it is 80 outside will be great!