Malolactic Fermentation testing, Racking and Free So2 testing

It usually takes 1 month for the MLF to finish since I put it in my hot box that stays at 60 F in my basement. So, I waited one month and tested it with the chromatography. It was done, so time to add my initial dose of SO2. The pH on these wines tends to be at 3.3 or less, so I only add 40 ppm to start off and maintain it at 40 the whole way through. Knowing that the Free SO2 (as measured by the vinmetrica SO2 tester) falls rapidly after the first addition, I tested one month later before my first racking. It had fallen to 20 ppm on each of the carboys, so after racking, I added more So2 (10% SO2 solution) to bump it back up to 40 ppm. I find that after that first edition, I can go two months between SO2 additions. So, I waited two months, and did the test again. It had fallen to about 25 ppm. So, I boosted it back to 40 and let it sit again. Since I do the racking at the same time, it make me only have to work on it once every two months.