2016 Pumpkin and Squash

The pumpkin and squash experiment did not do well.  I started 8 squash plants of the Metro PMR (Powdery Mildew Resistance) variety and decided to do pumpkin from seed.  After 1 week, the squash seedlings had been eaten and the same on the pumpkins that had sprouted.  It turned out to be a groundhog.  I set a live trap and caught two groundhogs.  This appears to have solved the problem as the next set of seeds I planted (which is probably going to end up being too late) has grown tremendously with only a couple nibbles here and there.  In the meantime, I have set up an electric fence (which was being unused by my brother) with 3 strands.  One is 4” off the ground and the next is 8” in order to ward off any future groundhog incursions.  Again, this year did not go well, but I am hopeful for next year.  The potatoes, onions and beans did do well over there, so I will have to think of a new set of crops that will work there.