Spring 2013 Garden start

After patiently waiting all winter, the ground is finally thawed out and dried out.  The rain the last few days didn’t help with the overall sogginess of the ground.  On Saturday, half of the garden was thawed out.  So, I decided to plant some peas.  These were Amish Snap Peas from Seed Saver;s Exchange.  I prepared them with a slurry inoculant and planted them in the garden.  The package indicated rows 24” apart, 3” spacing, and ½” to 1” deep.  I was able to plant 32 seeds, using two rows in the garden.  Once I planted them, I gently packed the soil.
                I had to wait a few more days for the wheat patch and the other side of the garden to get ready to plant.  It just so happened to be a Tuesday (April 1st), so I had to do it after work.  I felt I had already lost too much time to the weather, so I didn’t want to wait a few more days.  The next patch in the garden to plant was for more peas.  The peas this time were Sugar Snap from Seed Saver’s Exchange.  These one could be planted in rows 16” apart with 3” spacing, so I was able to make 3 rows and did 48 seeds.  These ones looked a little weird (as in different colors), so I’m not sure how they will germinate.  I inoculated with the pea inoculant slurry and planted them.  The wheat requires a bit more work.  First, I groomed the soil a bit to make some grooves for the seed.  I then measured out 9 oz of seed (it’s about a 100 sq ft area and it is 4 lbs per 1000 sq ft).  I then took half and tossed it in one direction and then took the other half and tossed it in the opposite direction.  This is about as fancy as I get.  I then took an old tire and “rolled” the patch (being careful not to step on it).  I then took some additional compost and tossed it over the seed (to get to the ½” covering, and then rolled that.  I had been amending the soil in this patch with rabbit poop and compost over the last year and it looks to have made a difference.  The soil is a lot more rich.  Hopefully, my wheat will grow much better this year. 
Now that the weather is getting warmer, I’m going to be using my cold frame to get some cool weather crops outside.  I have been growing swiss chard and beets indoors to get a jump start on the season, and I’ve begun hardening them off.  After a couple more days, I’ll look to plant them in the garden and put the cold frame over  them.  They shouldn’t be too affected, but it has allowed me to keep growing and hopefuly get some beets and swiss chard earlier in the season.